How to send both HTML and Plain Text Password Reset Emails in Laravel 5.1

Laravel comes with an included Authentication system complete with password resets that saves you from the burden of having to set it manually on all your projects. In one of the apps I built, there have been reports of the password reset not making

Cut credit card thief chargebacks in Laravel Cashier

Chargebacks - a customer "reverse charge" that your credit card gateway will then essentially fine you for - are never any fun, even when legitimate. But as my friend Bemmu at Candy Japan discovered, when a credit card thief uses your subsc

Laravel Collections Tutorial

Let’s take an adventure on a Laravel collections tutorial. Having used the framework for some time, I’ve gotten used to working with the various features of it. One of the things I’ve been meaning to really dig into is the Collectio

Custom conditionals with Laravel's Blade Directives

One of the greatest aspects of Laravel Blade is that it's incredibly easy to handle view partials and control logic. I find myself frequently extracting the contents of a loop out to a Blade partial and then passing just a bit of data into the p

Family Fortunes: Saving and Updating Laravel Relations

Although I’ve been using Laravel heavily for over two years, I still find things there that I didn’t really know about.

Today I took some time to really understand all the different ways of saving and associating related models. I had

Understanding Laravel Environment Variables

With the introduction of Laravel 5 and the adoption PHPDotenv, Laravel environment variables have become easier to use than ever before. In today’s tutorial I’ll walk you through how to get started using environment variables in your proj

Create Custom Helper Functions in Laravel

In creating our PHP String Helper Functions, we were able to define four useful string helper functions to use in our projects. Recall we had a split_string() function, a find_between() function, a find_all() function, and a delete() function. They&r

When Laravel meets json

If you know the name Douglas Crockford, you know JSON. Mr Crockford is a Chuck Norris of sorts in the Javascript world and created the JSON standard. It stands for JavaScript Object Notation and it provides a great way to share data between languages