Dark Sky API is a good PHP package which we can use to get data from Dark Sky weather easily.

if you want to build a weather app, this is a must-have package. This package has been rebuilt from scratch (the old version was Laravel Dark Sky)

laravel dark sky api

The previous version was limited to only the Laravel developers (because it was the Laravel package). Now it is stand-alone PHP Library with Laravel support implemented.


But that's not all of the changes. The package itself improved a lot:

  • contracts added;

  • validation layer added;

  • object-level access for all of the properties that API provides,

    including Response Headers, Weather Alerts, and Flags

    (and of course for the Weather Response, Data Block and Data Point props);

  • HTTP compression for all requests;

  • multiple Time Machine Requests are sent concurrently;

  • fully documented by PHPDoc blocks;

  • 100% covered by tests;


Dark sky weather app

laravel weather

Live demo



Install the package via Composer:

composer require dmitry-ivanov/dark-sky-api



Source Code